Sound Scores by Tony Silva

Tony Silva’s music compositions include over 40 commissions for modern dance, theater, documentaries and live performance. The past three films he scored won awards at several film festivals.

Tony grew up in New York City in an artist colony called Westbeth where he learned to play a wide variety of instruments. He started composing at age 20, received his first commission in 1990, and is a member of ASCAP.

He earned a BFA 1994 from the University of Massachusetts where he studied music theory and history. He was also a composition student of the award winning composer, Charles L. Bestor, and continues to study music composition with Clifton "Jerry" Noble.

Currently, Silva accompanies dance classes at Smith College, and performs on Friday and Saturday nights at a restaurant in Easthampton, MA.

Silva just released a CD of the music he wrote for Island Film's "Artists of the Bahamas" documentary series.

His previously released CD, Zen Garage (together with Jonathan Keezing playing Celtic Harp and Perry Yung on Shakuhachi), is a collection of meditative music for relaxation and yoga. A series of CDs for accompanying dance class is in production.

Tony Silva founded Chameleon Sound Studio in 1994 to create diverse musical environments for film and the performing arts, by combining acoustic and electronic timbres with rich imagination.

"All the works on (Le Minh Tam's) thoughtfully conceived program were enhanced by scores by Mr. Silva, who combined electronic sounds with music for various string and wind instruments, played by him. What one heard always strengthened the impact of what one saw."
- Jack Anderson, New York Times