Please Wear Appropriate Attire

Dancer Choreographer Michelle Marroquin

“Easthampton choreographer talks working women and their clothes in ‘Please Wear Appropriate Attire’ multimedia dance”

That was the headline for this article about my wonderful wife (and super-talented dancer/choreographer) Michelle Marroquin. She was profiled in MassLive for her new dance installation at Eastworks, a local business and art hob in a beautiful old mill. The piece is called Please Wear Appropriate Attire.  It was a very ambitious project with a lot of complexity – 4 performance areas on 3 different floors of this mill building and a traveling audience. It took about 2 years to complete.  Michelle conceptualized the performance and I composed over an hour of music for this project in 3 styles.

We were very excited to create this project, and doubly excited that the project was featured in MassLive!

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